Efficient, Dependable and Accurate
What Sutter Reporting is All About
Kathy Sutter (Rubin) has been reporting for 25 years and started
Sutter Reporting in 1993.  We take pride in our dedication to our
clients.  We want to meet your needs, every time.  If we don't have a
reporter available, we will get you one from another company.
Sutter Reporting has never tried to be the biggest court reporting
company in the St. Louis area.  We figure it doesn't matter to our
clients that we have 100 court reporters when they only want one
reporter, on time, highly qualified and accurate.

That is what we are.  Efficient, Dependable and Accurate.

We want to make it easy for you to schedule a reporter, and then have
one show up, complete the job on time, and accurately reflect what
Our new web site should make it simpler for you to schedule a
Right-click on our Schedule Reporter Page and then select
"Create A Shortcut"
That way, all you have to do is click on the Shortcut Button and
schedule your reporter.
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Sutter Reporting believes in Dedication
Our goal is to
accurately record
legal testimony in a
professional and
timely manner.